The Apartment-Whisperer


Benefit from my tips on assessing building quality, official house documents and obtaining a fair price when selecting your dream apartment or house. Use my expertise to make your best purchase decision!

Take possession of your new flat in the company of a construction professional. Let the IMMO-FLÜSTERER help you assess the building for defects in quality so that you get the best workmanship for your money!

Need Help with your FLAT
PURCHASE decision?

My service-package for you includes:

  • Review of all official house-documents, exposé and plans submitted by the real estate agent
  • Joint viewing of the flat
  • Analysis of the market value of the flat
  • Valuation of the resale price
  • Cost estimates for possible remodelling options
  • Inspection of common areas (staircase, basement) and external areas (facade, roof)
  • Estimation of your portion of future renovation costs for the overall building
  • Comprehensive photo documentation (approx. 400 photos) of the condition of the flat with audio explanation
  • Professional tips regarding purchase negotiations and submitting your offer
  • Travel costs, telephone and email-exchanges
  • Provision of valuable checklists, etc.

of a flat

Help with TAKING POSSESSION of a flat:

  • Useful checklists for apartment/house handover
  • Assessment of the documented fixtures
  • Inspection of the property on the handover day
  • Checking for defects in building quality
  • Assessment of workmanship quality
  • Discussion with seller on any defects
  • Photo documentation of flat condition upon handover
  • Documentation of defiencies – short videos including audio-commentary
  • Provided to you via Dropbox link for download
  • Thermal photos (only possible in cold weather)
  • Tips for correcting defects, relevant timeframes, negotiating rebates with the seller
  • Travel costs, telephone and email-exchanges

for the HANDOVER-package

My experience is your benefit

35 years of experience in the industry with over 2500 purchase consultations for flat and house purchases. Building expert for technical, legal and economic issues in the purchase of flats.
Extensive network of specialists, experts, master builders, craftsmen and authorities.

„My technical expertise gives you peace of mind when buying, and is guaranteed to save you from making a bad decision.“

Mag. Ing. Johannes Kirchner
  • Comes from a family of master builders in Salzburg.
  • HTL Building construction, business studies.
  • Realty consultant to property developers and insurance companies.
  • 1997-2020 Owner of renovation company in Vienna with over 350 flat renovations.
  • Precise cost estimate & floor plan optimisation.

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